Monday, November 21, 2011

Bocce ball with SJ

1.find a flat ground that will work for a court about 30 feet long  12 feet wide.

2.You need 9 balls 4 of  one color and 4 of another color. You need one white ball.

3.You need an even number of people to play .Divide the people in two teams.

4.Pick someone to throw the white ball out at least 16 feet out.

5.Take turns throwing the colored balls out as close as possible to the white ball.

6.Throw all the balls until their all out on the court .

7.Get a measuring tape and see which one is closest to the white ball.Who's ever's ball is closest to the white ball gets a point.

                                                                           tips;for when you choose someone to throw the white ball
                                                                             flip a coin to see who got to throw it.
its FUN!!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mixed Berry Jam!

Step One
Get 1 pack of frozen mixed berries

Step Two
Put the berries in a large jar

Step Three
Add Jello

Step Four
Mix it up in large jar. 

Step Five
Let sit for 45 Minutes

Step Six
Serve on toast